Welcome to our live demo event @ Rogiers Waregem

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Woodworking machines are highly automated and require skilled operators. That’s why further automation steps are required to make your work floor more cost effective, and let your operators focus on their core activities.

Imagine a cobot (or robot) picking the nested wood panels on your CNC machine in an intelligent way, and precisely stacking the panels on an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), which brings the wood panels to the next finishing machine, in a dynamic way: the mobile robot avoids unforeseen obstacles such as pallets and workers by a 3D camera system and safety scanners.

You can now see this set-up LIVE at the Rogiers EXPO open door event on 15-16-17 October 2020 !

Our VHA team looks always for a higher output at reduced operation cost, by smart integration of automation solutions (robot, cobot, AMR’s), orĀ  machine prototyping to your needs.

Special thanks to our ROGIERS team for hosting our robots, Industrial Cobotics and MiR for support in demo tools !